Tutorial Groups

For the session 2015-16, Tutorial Groups are formed as following :

Each student will his/her roll number by 50, the remainder will be his/her tutorial group number. If the remainder is zero, the tutorial group number will be 50. The name of the tutor, tutorial group number and location will be according to the detail precribed at the very beginning of the session.

1. Every student learns to have the talent of leadership in the tutorial group.

2. The tutor will act as a guide and advisor for the student. He/She will guide the students regarding their educational and personal problems. At the same time, he guidesnthem in choosing relevant and the best option of career making choice.

3. The tutorial group will meet at least twice a month.

4. Senior tutor will co-ordinate all the groups.

5. The tutor will maintain the record of the developments of the students of his/her group. He/She will give his/her opinion regarding theri educational progress report besides issuance of character certificates.

6. The students, who remain absent in the tutorial group, will have to pay special fine.

7. Tutorial groups will arrange visits to libraries, museums and other educational places besides group discussions and paper reading.